Alloy Wheels
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Split Rim repairs can be a very delicate procedure. At Auto Bodyworks we have the correct equipment and the expert knowledge to be able to repair your split rim alloy wheel to a like-new and safe condition. If the wheels are repaired incorrectly they can be extremely unsafe to drive on, which is why we follow a strict and in-depth safety repair policy. 

Split rim alloys come in a variety of unique and distinguished designs which is why they are extremely popular and are very expensive to buy new. This is why repairing your wheels can be the better option for you. 

Repairs aren't the only option for your split rims. We can customise them with any paint or style that you could imagine. Get a truly customised wheel on your car at Auto Bodyworks and Wheel Clinic. 

Why choose ABWC?

We strive to satisfy all of our customers needs by providing a personal, friendly and professional service right from the start of any job we undertake all the way until the customer is happy with the final outcome. We keep the customer informed at every stage of any job so the customer will never get any huge surprise bills at the end of a job.