Bodykits, Spoilers etc.
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Turn your car into something unique and special


One of the most popular asked-for custom body work is definitely shavings. We shave antenna mounts, door handles, license panels, and other objects. We also shave side mouldings along the door panels. Unlike other places where side mouldings are simply shaved by filling in the indentation with Bondo or other material, we weld in sheet metal to provide the durability and quality for long everyday us.


Moulding consists of joining to parts of the body into seemingly one unit. Moulding consists of attaching one part of the body permanently to another by using variety of materials or methods. We can mould side skirts and vents into the body of the car. We can mould hood scoops and other scoops on the vehicle. Flat deck wings, and rear doors (4 door) are also common moulding procedures.


Taking virtually any kit available on the market today, we are able to custom fit the kit to your specific vehicle. 2-door side shirt available for your car only? No problem. We can extend the side skirt to fit your 4-door's need. A'98 only kit won't quite fit your '99 model? Well, let us help you out. Come in and let us know what you need, and we'll do everything it takes to meet your needs.


The new trend in the import scene seems to be light transplants and conversions. This includes headlights and taillights. We can take factory OEM or aftermarket lighting and transplant them onto your vehicle. The work includes full housing constructions around the lighting area. We guarantee the work looks like a factory quality finish both on the outside and inside of the hood. (A detail most people seem to overlook)


Wide body and fender flares are body components, which enhance the wheel wells of a vehicle. It adds to the vehicle a muscular and aggressive look. The pieces are riveted and molding onto the body of the car. Time is taken to make sure the pieces are secure and flawlessly adjoined to the body of the car.

Why choose ABWC?

We strive to satisfy all of our customers needs by providing a personal, friendly and professional service right from the start of any job we undertake all the way until the customer is happy with the final outcome. We keep the customer informed at every stage of any job so the customer will never get any huge surprise bills at the end of a job.