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It's a myth that plastic can't be repaired

With our technology, using resins and composite materials, nothing could be simpler. We can repair anything from cracks in plastic to elaborate dashboard repairs. These can all be repaired in minutes.
Bumpers and door trims suffer from everyday impact and scrape damage, we routinely bring these back to brand new condition. Dashboards which have had equipment, such as mobile phones, removed are left with screw holes which we can render invisible. Exterior plastics are very vunerable to damage, and often suffer impact. However fragmented the damage, this can be repaired and painted to match the bodywork.
The plastic resins used are easily colour-coded, or textured with a final finish that’s an exact replica of the original.
Plastic Welding

Why choose ABWC?

We strive to satisfy all of our customers needs by providing a personal, friendly and professional service right from the start of any job we undertake all the way until the customer is happy with the final outcome. We keep the customer informed at every stage of any job so the customer will never get any huge surprise bills at the end of a job.