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Up to 70% cheaper than a body shop repair

Our paintless dent removal service takes skills pioneered in the motor trade to remove small dents and dings from your car body panels - without the need for filling and painting.
This is a great solution, especially on prestige cars such as Porsche and BMW where one small dent can devalue the car by many hundreds of pounds. Not only is Paintless Dent repair far quicker, it means huge savings and can work out up to 70% cheaper than a body shop repair.
Perfect for storm damage, hail stone dents, dings in the supermarket car park and golf ball accidents. Many dents can be removed completely, while with some dents it is possible to improve them to the point where they are far less noticeable meaning you can avoid the cost of repainting the panel.

How we remove dents without filling or repainting

Using metal levers to massage out dents from behind body panels, paintless dent removal is a highly skilled task that requires many years of training to perfect. Because the dent is pushed out, there is no need for filling or repainting, you keep your original paintwork finish. Although the procedure can't be used on large dents with a broken paint surface, the results of paintless repair to smaller dings are truly amazing.

Why choose ABWC?

We strive to satisfy all of our customers needs by providing a personal, friendly and professional service right from the start of any job we undertake all the way until the customer is happy with the final outcome. We keep the customer informed at every stage of any job so the customer will never get any huge surprise bills at the end of a job.