Colour Coded Bumper Scuffs
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Forget the expense and delay or ordering new bumpers

ABWC is proud of its expertise in producing perfect restoration of front and rear damage, mostly within the day.

We've shattered our competitors through our determination to master this particular area of repairs. We are confident that our record of imaculate results produced in just a few hours won't be beaten.

Bumpers on vehicles today are extremely vunerable, but don't worry, it's a myth that plastics can't be repaired. With todays technology using resins and composite materials, ABWC takes care of that!

If, for instance, the bumper has been creased, cracked or scuffed, such high spots can be removed using heat treatments to re-shape the bumper bar to its original shape and strength. An abrasive wheel can be used to give the surface a key, damage can be removed by hand-sanding, and dents can be filled with a flexible body-filler.

Why choose ABWC?

We strive to satisfy all of our customers needs by providing a personal, friendly and professional service right from the start of any job we undertake all the way until the customer is happy with the final outcome. We keep the customer informed at every stage of any job so the customer will never get any huge surprise bills at the end of a job.